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Street Tree Seminar: Your Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Urban Forest Council

Street Tree Seminar has been instrumental in the development, health, care and management of street trees in Southern Califonia for over 40 years.

Street Tree Seminar is comprised of Street Tree Superintendents, supervising personnel, professional consultants, arborists, persons and firms whose business are related to street tree management.

Street Tree problems within your own city can be brought to an open forum on a bi-monthly basis to assist you in timely information that could save your city thousands of dollars and salvage beautiful irreplaceable street trees.

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Tools of the Trade - ONLINE

Tools of the Trade - ONLINE


Carl Mellinger will be presenting
Street Tree managers and arborists alike have a variety of tools that assist in detection and evaluation of trees. From hand pruners and simple mallets to a resistographs and complex spreadsheets and templates, Arborists and Urban Foresters have a bevy of tools in their tool bag to make their jobs more efficient. Join us from the comfort of your own office for an interactive look at tools that can really make a difference in your work. Carl will be showing and discussing use of Decay investigation using the Arbosonic Arbotom and new Resistograph equipment.

Thursday, August 27, 2020
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM



$15.00 members
$20.00 non members