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Street Tree Seminar: Your Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Urban Forest Council

Street Tree Seminar has been instrumental in the development, health, care and management of street trees in Southern Califonia for over 40 years.

Street Tree Seminar is comprised of Street Tree Superintendents, supervising personnel, professional consultants, arborists, persons and firms whose business are related to street tree management.

Street Tree problems within your own city can be brought to an open forum on a bi-monthly basis to assist you in timely information that could save your city thousands of dollars and salvage beautiful irreplaceable street trees.

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Make It Easy: Engaging with industry professionals- ONLINE

Make It Easy: Engaging with industry professionals- ONLINE


CREATING CONNECTIONS through a Tree Toolbox for Clients, the Public and Industry Professionals, and educational opportunities—“Arborists are commonly reviewing decisions, designs made and trees installed by other industry professionals. Also, in the eyes of our clients, we are the experts. How are we connecting the dots and ensuring our clients and green partners have the latest knowledge, best management practices, and are creating a green infrastructure that has the potential to truly benefit our urban canopy for decades to come? This talk will focus on Creating a "Tree Toolbox" and "Making it Easy" to make trees a priority on projects. Creating a "Tree Toolbox" of industry handouts, best management practices, and the latest information, is an easy way to be the "go to source" for your clients.
This talk will help you to create your own TREE TOOLBOX, and finding creative ways to engage your clients, industry professionals and how to find and develop these opportunities for your

Thursday, October 22, 2020
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM



$15.00 members
$20.00 non members