Show Your STS Spirit



Presented by Street Tree Seminar, Inc.

It Takes A Team To Manage Our Urban Forest

January 12, 2012

The Huntington Liberary & Gardens
1151 Oxford Road - San Marino, California


    John, Conway, City of Newport Beach

Amping up your Urban Forestry Program with State supported programs and tools
    Thomas Shoots and Lynnette Short, Cal FIRE

Partners in Plant Health Care: teaming up w/Cooperative Extension
    Dave Shaw, UC Cooperative Extension, San Diego County

The Science behind Microinjection – it’s more than just treatment
    Marianne Waindle, Mauget

California Tree Failure Reporting Program
    Maria D’Agostino, City of San Francisco

Electrical Safety: A Live Wire Demonstration
Worker Beware Safety Around Power Lines
    William Hallett and Karli Massey, Edison

Ficus Branch Dieback (Sooty Canker Disease) - COMING SOON!
    Donald Hodel, U.C. Cooperative Extension, Los Angeles County

A team approach to managing insect pests of trees
    Dr. John Kabashima, UC Cooperative Extension, Orange County

Congratulations Leon Boroditsky 2012 Plant ID Winner!