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Your membership to Street Tree Seminar will help you stay current with industry trends, will allow you to network with other professionals, and will allow you to become more involved in events that directly affect your day to day business.

Meetings: Seminar meetings are normally held during the last week of the month (July is dark-there is no meeting). An annual educational meeting, Western Tree Management Symposium is held each January.

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Return completed applications and dues to:

Street Tree Seminar, Inc.
PO Box 6415
Anaheim, CA 92816-6415

Contact Heather Crippen

Purposes of Street Tree Seminar, Inc:
  1. To bring together professional people in a permanent organization to accumulate, discuss, disseminate information concerning the problems of Street Tree Maintenance Management in both rural and urban areas within Southern California or where similar conditions prevail.
  2. To encourage and provide direction to students of Ornamental Horticulture and Urban Forestry through the issuance of scholarships, intern programs, etc.
  3. To sponsor an annual educational meeting in addition to monthly meetings devoted to the exchange and presentation of information of interest and value to street tree managers and arboricultural professionals.

Membership Classifications:
  1. Active Membership
  2. Sustaining Membership
  3. Honorary Membership
  4. Life Membership