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Street Trees
Recommended for Southern California

  • A full-page photo montage portrays tree form, details of foliage, flower, fruit and bark for each species, as appropriate. This extensive pictorial coverage makes the book an indispensable identification tool for all levels of expertise.
  • A pronunciation guide to botanical names is provided in the initial heading for each tree. Botanical and common names are included and cross referenced in an appendix.
  • A simplified key to the species included in the Third Edition was added to help in the identification of trees you encounter in the field. Although the key doesn’t lead you to a single species, it limits the number of descriptions you will need to examine to find the one you are looking for.
  • Heavy-duty spiral binding permits the book to remain open to a desired page. The soft, sturdy front and rear cover will withstand the kind of punishment expected from field use.
  • Many new species added.
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